The discovery of slowness

KAIKKIALLA is the Finnish word for everywhere, and KAIKKIALLA is also our philosophy. Whether up high north, in the middle of the Alps or at the southernmost corner of Europe. Whether Dunmore Head or Cape Olenij, simply kaikkialla. Contrary to increasing nationalism, we follow the European idea: unlimited freedom. KAIKKIALLA fully understands itself as an European brand: perceive and cherish local traditions, and from time to time take a bit of it with you from here and there. Whether in Kiruna, in Andalusia or on the Isar, you can be everywhere, everything is open to you. A great idea.

KAIKKIALLA is an outdoor brand, with products for your adventures, when you’re out and about. We have a carefully selected range from A to Tent. Whether for a multi-day trekking tour or the sweaty ascent of your dream mountain range, whether on long trips or for the short city tour in the rain, at KAIKKIALLA you will find the right clothes to wear. And if you want to be completely on your own, check out our high quality tents, sleeping bags and mats for the night under the stars. We are sure, right after you look, you will want to start!

Our idea – EVERYWHERE – is based on respect for the people we meet on our paths and the environment we travel. Encounters and experiences alike, we see as a gift that is given to us. Not as a matter of course, to which we are entitled. EVERYWHERE PURE, is a guiding thought: apparel and equipment as much as necessary, and as little as possible. Accordingly, we pay attention in the development of our products to high quality and thus durability. When it comes to design, the focus is on function, not a fleeting trend. Even the color choice, we try to meet you so that you can enjoy it as long as possible. In addition, we only produce as much as ordered in advance. In this way we avoid overproduction. Repair damaged clothing and equipment instead of throwing it away. Sew, glue, insulate, impregnate, is not magic. We provide help and advice, and provide tips and tricks.

Our idea – EVERYWHERE – is not synonymous with anywhere, anytime at the same time. Not always faster, further, higher is our goal, but the conscious experience of moments. Perhaps you too will go part of your way with us, discovering the value of slowness.

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: The Discovery of Slowness; Sten Nadolny; Canongate Books Ltd

Captain and polar explorer John Franklin struggles to keep up with the fast pace of his time. Nevertheless, his persistence makes him a great discoverer. It is the story of a man committed to slowness.