Place of longing [WILDNESS]

„What I wanted was movement and not a calm flow of life. I longed for excitement and danger, for self-sacrifice for an emotional will. There was an excess of strength in me that found no room for confirmation in our quiet life,” once written by the Russian writer Leo Tolstoi (1828 – 1910).


Decades, centuries pass, the longing for excitement, adventure, spectacle, right up to danger, to break out of the calm flow of life, for the new, the unknown, seems unchanged. Only the search has changed: it knows hardly any limits.

Whether it’s a 260 meter bungee jump, whether excessive partying , whether it’s altitude, distance, cold or any other record, whether five weekends a month on the lake, whether all four-thousanders or fourteen eight-thousanders, it’s the flash-like Instaworld that we serve chasing us. It’s a race between bits and bytes.

What drives us, maybe is the search for the meaning, the [WILDNESS] in ourselves.