A big step for KAIKKIALLA, a small step for the environment: 14 intensive months of implementation: Swiss design + Dutch production know-how + vision of KAIKKIALLA = next-step outdoor collection.

PRIORITY: High quality outdoor apparel at fair prices that will maintain its quality and functionality for many, many years. Smallest production quantities against unnecessary excess.

ECOLOGICAL IDEA: As soon as the balance between durability and recyclability makes sense, mainly recyclable materials are used:
THERMORE Ecodown® insulation fibers = 100% recycled PET bottles = NUVVUS
SYMPATEX Performance® membrane = 100% climate neutral and recyclable = ASUNTA

EUROPEAN VISION: Short supply chains through production in Europe, as far as the technical and economic conditions allow. Highest standards in Asian production.

And on the way there? Drafts, prototypes, fittings, intensive discussions. Many, many more prototypes. Countless other fittings, changes and prototypes again. And many, many practical tests where it matters: in the great outdoors. And the result?

get up – get out – TAKE BIG STEPS – with KAIKKIALLA