• 20 / 28 liter
  • € 89,95

Although it is said that the journey begins with the first step, we dare say that this is not entirely true. First we pack the backpack! With the ROVA 20 and ROVA 28, we have made two sizes so that you can’t take too much or too little with you, depending on the tour. They are comfortable and stable backpacks with padding that allows air to circulate on the back. The 20 liter backpacks have a generous front zip so that nothing of the inside of the backpack remains hidden from you. Small zip pockets – also on the hip belt – allow you to pack cleverly. Thanks to the side mesh pockets, you always have your things at hand. So that you can use ROVA for all your adventures, we’ve also added a helmet net! And now that your backpack is packed: swing on your bike, or take the first step and let the adventure begin!

  • helmet net
  • large front zip
  • side mesh pockets
  • zip pockets on the outside and inside
  • axt / pole holder
  • exit for drinking tube
  • stable backsystem
  • ventilation at the back
  • for: Trekking, mountainbiking, climbing, ...